Be a Spearo

An history made of passion, effort, technology, but mostly, sea. Get in the Difiore spearfishing world, Be A Spearo.

Customizable setup

Set up studied to accomplish every needs. Spearfishing Trip? Fishing in the shallow? Blue water Hinting? We analyze the demand in order to produce a unique product, tailored for every single customer.

Materials quality

On our products we use only best quality row materials: Teak from Burma makes the 5 wooden strips block;

AISI 316 stainless steel for all the metal components; discover all the range of materials used for our products.

5 Quality check

Those are five boxes to flag on the quality check board that every Difiore spearfishing gun has to pass. Every product is tested in the thank to assure the compliance with the imposed quality standards.


All the Difiore spearfishing products are the result of an accurate CAD design (Computer Aided Design), implementation on CAM programs and only then production with sophisticated CNC machines, able to reach an accurancy impossible to get by hand crafting.

Discover the features of Difiore spearfishing products.

The company mission is to serve the most technical and demanding spearo, and we aim to do this by offering only technically excellent products, from Arbalet rollerguns to the selection of HighPerformance Carbon fins, to the simple accessories, essential for the professional hunter.


Double roller muzzle Arbalet, powerful, reliable, secure.
T-Line represents the uncompromising rifle, for a specific type of fishing; the waiting to the Dentex or the blue water hunting are for sure the scenarios in which the characteristics of the gun are enhanced.


Mono roller muzzle Arbalet, agile, quick, slim.
G-Line is the perfect choice for most of the situation, from the ambush in the shallow to the most challenging fishing.

Di Fiore Blades

The Carbon blades Difiore by DiveR represent
The top in the world of propulsion for our legs.
DiveR provides decades of know-how in the composites processes; Difiore spearfishing gives a new look, making a product like the fin, a canvas for the creation of a piece of art.


Whether you want to quickly mark the target, easily dive deep or simply keep your wooden rifle safe from scratching, this is the section.

Realy is Thé best speargun <3.

AyoubFacebook review

Top Gun . allinea il tuo bersaglio al resto pensa lui DF 105 # Post Vendita 110 e lode Complimenti Marco!!!

GiuseppeFacebook Review

Such an amazing gun!!!